One thing that we have learned is that piracy is not a pricing issue. It’s a service issue

Gabe Newell (CEO of Valve, creator of the Steam video game online store)

So why do most media copyright holders offer poor service and then complain about piracy?

Currently, the best legal way to purchase a TV show or movie is to buy a physical disc. The best legal way to stream a TV show or movie is to search through all streaming services and hope one of them has it. If no service has it, the best legal way is to purchase a physical disc, copy it onto a computer and then stream it from there. That's ridiculous.

It's 2023 and most people have fast Internet. We should be able to buy a TV show or movie online and store it however we want. We should be able to go to one streaming service and find the TV show or movie we want.

One piracy site has the same content as all streaming services combined, for free. Most piracy sites have even more TV shows and movies than the paid services. Better selection, for free and all in one spot. Who wouldn't want to use that?

Media companies, please stop crying to the government about self-inflicted issues. Make a good service and we'll stop pirating.

Not sure how to make a good service?

Try making one which benefits the consumer: no region locks, no DRM, no disappearing shows. Take inspiration from popular piracy sites, because they are your competition.